Chapter 3 - Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Chapter 3: Let Go of Me! You *sshole!

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Before all this had happened, he remembered that a white Persian cat had appeared in the underground parking lot. It had suddenly leaped out in front of an approaching car.

Pei Zhen hadn’t had time to think about how the cat had gotten there. He simply threw himself forward to protect the cat from being hit by the oncoming vehicle.

Right when he had just managed to grab hold of the cat, the car ended up hitting both of them with a loud crash.

So, what had happened after that?

Having trouble believing all of this was reality, Pei Zhen sank his claws into Xiao Nian before springing towards the direction of the bathroom. Xiao Nian cried out in pain.

From the perspective of a cat, all of his surroundings seemed to be magnified a few times. He also found that his senses had been heightened. Pei Zhen found that he could easily jump onto a sink counter that was at least a meter high.

He stared at the cat in the mirror. His reflection stared back at him.

Sapphire blue eyes, a glossy coat of pure white fur– what was staring back at him was clearly the reflection of a purebred Persian cat.

I’ve really turned into a cat!

Pei Zhen felt like crying.

“Is Jerry there?” An anxious female voice came from outside the bathroom. Pei Zhen thought that this voice sounded familiar too. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a white dress.

“Best Actor Fu what brings you here? Um… I heard that my cat…”

“Please give me a moment.” Fu Sichen walked into the bathroom without giving her a straight answer.

Whenever this handsome man was in sight, Pei Zhen would become alert. Before he could jump away, Fu Sichen quickly caught him.

Pei Zhen: “Let me go!”

Pei Zhen: “You *sshole!”

Pei Zhen: “Scram! Don’t touch me with your filthy hands!

But no matter how much Pei Zhen tried to scream and struggle, all that came out was a weak meow.

This was so frustrating!

“Yes, that’s him.” The lady ran forward when she saw Fu Sichen come out with Pei Zhen in his arms. “This is great! Jerry’s fine. It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have brought him to the award ceremony in the first place.”

That would explain why the cat was roaming around the parking lot.

Pei Zhen looked at the lady with mixed emotions.

She was a pretty young thing.

Recently, she had been active in the entertainment circle.

She had been nominated for Best Actress at the awards ceremony last night.

Being as lazy as he was, Pei Zhen normally didn’t bother remembering names and faces. In the entertainment circle, the only person he could really remember was his rival, Fu Sichen.

“I thought I lost him, so I was devastated. Thank you for saving him, Best Actor Fu.” The lady smiled sweetly while reaching out her slender arms towards the cat. “This must be fate.”

Fu Sichen stepped back, not letting her touch the cat. “Miss Lin Yousu.”


“It was Pei Zhen who saved him, not me.”

Lin Yousu was stunned and speechless for a moment. Then, she remembered the news about the accident, before immediately expressing her gratitude. “So the report was true? It was really Mr. Pei Zhen who saved my cat’s life? Is he… is he alright? I’d be more than happy to foot his medical bills as a token of my appreciation.”

However, Fu Sichen replied coldly, “That won’t be necessary. I’ll be the one taking care of the medical fees. But, I do have a proposition for you— I’d like to buy your cat.”

“Fu Sichen… Best Actor Fu? Do you… do you like Persian cats too?”

“No.” Fu Sichen paid no heed to the cat, who by now, was already yowling hysterically. He continued to hold it tightly before saying, “Miss Lin Yousu, I know this is hard for you. But, please name your price. You can name whatever amount you’d like.”

“This cat is very dear to me.”

“That’s why I said that price wasn’t an issue, Miss Lin Yousu. All you have to do is name a price.”